Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gearing Up for Halloween In New Orleans!

Hi Everybody! I just got back from New Orleans, where I celebrated my birthday with a friend over the weekend.

I have visited The Crescent City during Halloween weekend before. Back in 1995 I was there with some friends for Anne Rice's annual Memnoch Ball. If you ever get a chance to visit during Halloween season, it is a great place to be with lots going on! But this weekend, I was on the hunt for any early Halloween shopping I could do while I was down there...

Santa's Quarters, a holiday shop on Decatur Street, had an excellent selection of Halloween ornaments and a few decorative items:

I loved this creepy half-skeleton cat with a rat crawling out of its body:

I bought a shiny, vintage-style pumpkin ornament while I was there.

Just down the street from Santa's Quarters is David's Found Objects. Owner David Peltier had a pretty sweet collection of vintage Halloween items:

He told me this was the "overflow" from his own personal antique Halloween collection!

Across Decatur Street near the French market, Head to Toe had a very stylish Halloween display in the window:

This glittery skull purse is fancy!:

You can tell that owner Carol Earth has a good eye for sophisticated Halloween decor.

Pretty glass pieces from the window display:

...and one more shot of a beautiful witch in the window!:

Of course, it doesn't have to be Halloween season for you to come across some spooky things in the French Quarter!

Here are some shots I took at various gift shops around town...

A lot of the bigger gift/souvenir shops had a voodoo theme...

I liked this display of a skeleton playing a pipe organ...

Here's a scary guy greeting tourists at the entrance of one shop:

...and this display was on the back of the wall in the same shop:

My friend Elisabeth and I took a Haunted History tour of the French Quarter one night! Here are the long lines waiting for the tours just off Bourbon Street:

Tours meet up just outside Rev. Zombie's Voodoo shop at dusk:

Just before the tour, we checked out Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo on Bourbon Street:

What a fun weekend!

Next up: Halloween shopping in Santa Fe, New Mexico next month!


  1. Now I REALLY want to go ,as close as I am to New Orleans,I really should go ,looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Oh my, I think I need to book me a plane ticket....and make sure I bring the plastic!! :D

    Thanks for sharing. That was awesome!


  3. Thanks for sharing the great pics, you are making me want to go back!

  4. Thanks guys...I would love to go back during October, but don't think I'll be able to fit it in! :)

  5. What a great tour Wendy! Loved every bit of it!!! That Skull purse is DREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rock on my Halloween loving friends, we are soo happy to see you!

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