Thursday, July 22, 2010

National Halloween Convention 2010

DaniNHC Queen

This past May all of us Halloween Jetsetters: Dani, Marie, Wendy, Brandi and Kristen attended the 2010 National Halloween Convention in King of Prussia, Pa.
Shamefully, we did not remember to get a picture of all of us together but we did have an amazing time!

What is so great about the NHC show is that male or female, Halloween housewife or die hard gore lover you will love this show. It is all encompassing of Halloween. A remarkable point is how the owners set this con up in sections of Halloween: Props, Gore, Animatronics, Collectibles and more. It has a great feel and flow and allows theme specific buyers/collectors to hone in on what they deem must have.

Please enjoy this picture diary of this world class 3 day event from my view of personal favs.

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 2 003

Here is me wearing the Halloween Queen Crown Miss Marie Patterson gave and receiving an awesome gift-The Art of Tim Burton Book!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 3 014

Brandi in front of the 6 foot Halloween Tree (fully decorated) by SpookyTimeJingles artists that was raffled off
Halloween Raffle Tree Poster!

STJers and fan

~John and his wife Elizabeth run a amazing art business filled with realistic skulls and oddities~
True artisan workmanship...must see!

The Gemini Company, Inc.


NHC 2010 STJ Pics 055

~Wendy gets fitted for some kick azz fangs~

National Halloween Convention 2010

Loki's Workshop

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 4 008

Roaming undead

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 008

Peeking in on Wendy Leaumont as she prepares her booth!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 112

NHC co-owner Rob Kocher is now owner of Fright Times!! Badazz 1st issue too!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 042

Connie Porcher of Celebrate 365 magazine with her sister Benita (whom makes gorgeous Halloween feather trees by hand in the vintage fashion)

NHC random photos 008

I judged my first talent show as a "Celebrity" judge!

NHC random photos 005

DSC00152 front booth

stj collectors and more!

John Weisgerber of The Gemini Company, Inc (Brooklyn)


Man Eating plants..why yes thank you!

The following are some wicked good props who certainly scared plenty of peeps at the show
All by:
Creepy Collection Gore Props

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 103

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 095

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 094

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 092

There is something so friggin creepy and imposing when you are standing next to these Props. I felt like I was being stared down..I loved every spooky minute of it!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 091

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 105 NHC 2010 STJ Pics 106

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 107

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 104 NHC 2010 STJ Pics 109

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 102

These below are some amazing artisan masks in which had loads of people captivated.

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 075

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 068

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 074

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 077

The Hills Have Eyes, anyone?
oogity boogity!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 071

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 070

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 069

Now I shall leave you with my favorite prop of the show...

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 065

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 067

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 066

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 072

Good Stuff!

Halloween Travelista Dani Badge
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