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Great ! Ghoultide Gathering 2009

Ghoultide Gathering Postcard 2009

Just almost 4 weeks ago was the amazing Ghoultide Gathering. I arrived in Michigan a bit beat up after a long road trip of 10+ hours from NJ. This road trip followed a good dose of jet lag from 2 days earlier when I had departed San Francisco (Halloween & Vine 2009).
So, needless to say, I was a bit worn. Of course the car trouble along the way in Pittsburgh didn't help nor the fact that we were stuck inside a 300 acre historic cemetery when the hose decided to take its hiatus.

The good news was that I was instantly transformed into my 'ole self quickly. Our hotel was fantastic (Hampton Inn in Northville, MI) and I quickly made the room all mine (important factor in my traveling experience) and readied myself for the evenings festivities.

Dinner at the local Macaroni Grill with a group of fellow Halloween artisans and collectors from all over the US!! What a treat! The biggest treat for me was to get to meet Kristen Beason & her hubster Chris in person. A total delight these two are. Gosh, how I LOVE nice people!!!

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 052
Chris & Kristen Beason

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 062
Joyce Stahl with collector Hugh sharing artwork!

Afterward was a lil chitty chat in the lobby with the group staying at the same hotel and I got to sit and talk with with a bunch of collector-guys & girls and "peeps" from EHAG, Pfatt. One of my highlights was to talk with William Bezek. So friendly, so likeable-just an all around nice guy. And again, I love nice people. I understand not everyone is as friendly or as chatty Cathy as me but crikey, does it help if can at least fake a smile! I have actually stopped buying from a few artist's over the years because their personality ( or lack there of) is in the crapper. So, needless to say I can continue to buy from Mr. Bezek for many moons and everyone is happy except perhaps my bank account ;)

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 073

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 074

I arrived at Ghoultide, a gorgeous lil destination in itself to find oodles of rain and people. The rain most certainly did not damper anyone's mood. The excitement could be heard & felt. Scott Smith's 5 foot + Pumpkin men flanked the tented entrance and dared all to enter. I willingly obliged ;)

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 081

Two lines formed outside two quaint buildings, housing the sought after artisans. I came prepared to shop! I had my LED lighted spooky purse

Morning of Ghoultide Gathering!  Ready to shop!!

and a Halloween tote to carry my soon to be scored goodies. Great to carry a tote with you because shows always have so many takeaways to snap up! The doors opened and everyone flew in like the ravenous pack that we were .

I quickly found Debra Schoch's table of OMG's! I knew I wanted one of her "Bat Girls" and was hoping to find one that spoke to me. I quickly found a tall Skeleton that sang & a SO worthy Bat Girl. As I pondered this dilemna, I looked to my hubster, Michael. What is a girl to do, you ask...BUY BOTH I replied to myself in desperation! I left Michael to abscond with my goodies while I ran to do more damage to our savings account.

Over the next 3 hours I scored:
A sa-weet witchy poo painting by Irene Gates, who had yet been on my Halloween radar but is now FIRMLY planted there;)

A swanky needlefelted pin with a big black satin ribbon bow (yummy) by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm was a must have accessory!

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 091

And the surprise buy of the day was yet another piece by William Bezek (just saw and bought from him in Cali)!! It is the coolest skelly meets ghostly like luminary character I have ever seen! It is a different style than I have seen before from William and he mentioned that it was a piece created sometime ago and that he had decided to put it up for sale. Yee ha he did!! I adore such sweet & spooky characters and this belonged in our abode.

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 085

I was able to meet so many truly wonderful people, that it is an experience I won't soon forget.

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 057
Lori Davis (Nana) & Joyce Stahl

Pittsburgh and Ghoultide 2009 083
Kristen Beason, Me (Dani Nelson) & Elaine Thomas

I look forward to 2010 with a (so far) total of 4 shows already scheduled to attend. I hope to meet many of you along the way and to share in what we love, Halloween Destinations~

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