Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Halloween Shopping Around the South

Weather-wise, it is still reaching into the triple digits here south of the Mason-Dixon. One thing that keeps me venturing back out into the brutal heat is knowing that there are already Halloween goodies out there to be found!

On a trip to Greenville, South Carolina last week, I got to visit an A. C. Moore arts and crafts store. I don't have one of these where I live in Louisiana, so it was fun to explore and see what they had in stock where Halloween merchandise is concerned. They did not disappoint!

These little fuzzy cat kits are really cute!

As usual, Martha Stewart has another amazing collection of Halloween paper goods and stickers this year.

If you have an A. C. Moore near you, you might want to check out the fun dishes and tablewear they have available for your Halloween party this year!

...and if you live pretty much anywhere in the eastern half of the United States, you probably live near a Cracker Barrel Restaurant!

Cracker Barrel has another fantastic collection of Halloween decor, toys, and costumes this year. Their "Best Witches" line is a lot of fun! I picked up the orange eyeball mug... well as the light-up pumpkin on the right!:

Lots of glittery, witchy goodness!:

I also acquired one of these funky orange hats from their costume section:

They had green and purple hats, too!

These country-style pumpkin pillows are really cute and well-made:

So get your Halloween shopping on! I will be in New Orleans this weekend to celebrate my birthday...I will post more photos of any "Halloweenery" I find!


  1. Have a great Creole Birthday! Isn't it exciting how the stores stock more and more Halloween each year?

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  3. AARRRRGGGGG!!!! Our stores here in Alabama have been LAAAAAZZZZYYYYY! Just now are a couple of items trickling out.
    Happy Birthday, I'm jealous that you're going to be in my favorite city!

  4. Great post girl!
    Oh how I love me some Cracker Barrel for their fun Halloweenery. I see a trip in my near future for those witch hands ;) I also happen to be a big fan of their coffee, mmm mm yum!

    We have A.C Moore here and they are great because if you sign up for a free member benefit card you get a $10 gift certificate back for every 100 points =$100 you spend. They also offer double point coupons often, so spend $25 and get $50 worth of credit.
    So far the one here is boring for their Halloween displays.
    I am pleased with the Martha Stewart offerings this year, always updated and relevant.

    Hugs my friend and see you soon in Petaluma for some kick azz Halloweenery...bawahahahah

  5. Thanks, William! Yes, it seems a lot of retailers are stocking more every year - and earlier! Whoo-hoo!

    I hope I find some cool Halloweenery in N'Awlins! I haven't been down there since right before Katrina, so it has been a while. Staying on Royal Street a block from Bourbon - Got a room at the Holiday Inn there for 50 bucks a night!

    I wish we had an A.C. Moore here, Dani! It was great. At least we have Michael's and Hobby Lobby...

    By the way, Dave ordered the chicken livers at Cracker Barrel that night. Bleh!

  6. Love it Wendy. Can't believe you were SO CLOSE to me in Greenville, girl, I just didn't know! I could've met you at Cracker Barrel. Have a Happy Birthday and I so enjoyed this shopping post!!
    See you in Petaluma!!

  7. hello just found this blog! love all the Halloween stuff..lucky you!have to add you to my links!I'll be back!


Rock on my Halloween loving friends, we are soo happy to see you!

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