Saturday, October 10, 2009

~My Halloween & Vine 2009 by Dani~


The show was worth the effort it takes to switch coasts for 4 days.
The artist's were dreamy.
The work stellar.
Petaluma, left me smitten.


Here are some pics from Dani's Halloween & Vine 2009
in Petaluma, California!

My first Flight to California (from NJ) just for Halloween & Vine!!
Halloween and Vine 003

Got into San Francisco and met up with my Halloween & Vine roomie Wendy!
Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 062

Long Line but everyone files in so quickly at "Go Time" that I didn't feel like I missed a thing!
Halloween and Vine 018

Hard to judge so here is a pic taken by Jorge of HohoHalloween of the lineup!

Busy, Busy, Busy H&V floor!
Halloween and Vine Wendy 003

Monkey-Cats Studio is sooo dreamy!

Which way do I go, now...which way do I go?
Halloween and Vine Wendy 014

Edgar & Edgar Booth has something for every Halloween lover!

Me with Jorge of HoHoHalloween!
Jorge and Me at Halloween & Vine 2009

Look at this lil clip of Jorges table-YUM!
Halloween and Vine 021

Some of the amazing William Bezek's offerings!
~found this & below pic online~
Pumpkin Patch
I was able to scoop up one of these!!
William was kind enough to help me choose the right face for me!
We chose the far right middle one with eyes looking upward

But I did miss out on this basket of goodies ;(

See here is my 1st William Bezek goody next to my 1st Arbutus Hunter piece!
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 073

Look at Wendy's Vergie Lightfoot original (Left)
and my Scott Smith Original 2 sided ornament on the right!
The one side has the ticked off kitty!!
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 025

And the other side I have named "stoner" the Pumpkin!
The best part is this 2 sided ornie is squeezable with a squeaker in the center!
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 015

And look at Bat Boy! I am sooo smitten with him!
By Kerry of PaperMoon!
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 019

Here is everything in a lil photo shoot that Wendy & I scored at Halloween & Vine!
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 055

AND here is every last bit of Halloweenery we bought while in Petaluma!
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 032

Why did we buy from local Petaluma shops too you may be asking?

Here are a few windows displays that explain it all!

Marisa's (Halloween) Fantasia
Halloween and Vine Wendy 158

Another Window of Marisa's
Halloween and Vine Wendy 007

Paper White
Halloween and Vine Wendy 129

Halloween and Vine Wendy 121

Let's just say that security checkpoints were very interesting and that TSA agents looked at my carry on bag for 20+ minutes! Now, you know I was SOO NOT "checking" my H&V goodies. Those pieces were carry-ons the whole way baby!

Halloween Travelista Dani Badge


  1. I'm just drooling over those awesome collectibles!
    Now I HAVE to save even more money for next year's trip! LOL!

  2. Wow, What a bunch of loot! I am flattered to be included...Thanks Dani!

  3. Thanks all ;) You are quite welcome William!! I love my 2 goodies from you! Hugs~

  4. What a great account of the weekend! I can't wait for next year!


Rock on my Halloween loving friends, we are soo happy to see you!

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