Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween in the Ozarks - Part 2

Springfield, Missouri, a town of about 400,000 (and home to several good friends of mine) sits atop a plateau of the largest mountain range in the country - the Ozark Mountains. Downtown Springfield is one of my favorite areas to explore when I go visit. It has charming restaurants, coffee houses, theaters, and shops.

Downtown Springfield has much to offer the Halloween enthusiast. Here are some photos I took of downtown stores and attractions that will be of interest to my fellow Halloween travelistas!:

Posters were on display advertising the production of EVIL DEAD: The Musical at the downtown Vandivort Center. I wish I could have stayed in town long enough to attend a performance!

The Good Girl Art Gallery and store displayed spooky and beautiful items in its windows:

The Hotel of Terror, I am told, is an annual Springfield tradition... is the downtown Halloween Pub Crawl:

Just minutes from the heart of downtown Springfield, however, is where I hit the Halloween shopper's jackpot! Betsy's Hallmark store at 2934 E. Sunshine had the most spooky-licious window displays and Halloween offerings I encountered on my road trip.

Manager Debbie Kirk was kind and helpful, and explained that they were "getting low" on Halloween merchandise, although you couldn't tell by the inventory on display!

I walked away with the Department 56 Witch Leg lamp in the window (I couldn't resist):

Betsy's has all you need for perfect Hallloween party planning:

A fashionable witch greets you at the window as you enter:

...And one last shot:

I took the photo above on a stop in Branson, Missouri on my way home when I stopped for lunch. This shot is from Dick's 5 and 10 - a Branson landmark. It was chock-full of shoppers getting into the Halloween spirit!

Next up: Springfield Cemeteries!


  1. Oh such total eye candy! Holy Crow I want that witch leg lamp!! It is a total SCORE!!!!!!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun~
    Wonderful Halloween destinations shared!

  2. Wonderful pictures of your trip! Thanks for sharing! LOVE the lamp you got!!!


Rock on my Halloween loving friends, we are soo happy to see you!

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