Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Halloween Jetsetting heads to the Pacific Northwest!

Woo wee...what a long time since a post. Well time to play catch up because personally I have made the Halloween Jetsetting a priority in 2010!!

In mid January, I hit the Halloween Jackpot! I was invited to visit with Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art for a week in Oregon along the coast! Miss Janell was very recently hired as thee Holiday/Seasonal artist for Department 56!!

Janell Halloween pcs for jetsetter

Janell and I have been friends for a few years now and I was delighted in her well deserved recognition and honored to be invited to throw around holiday ideas for her new D56 lineup.

Janell Wood dark Dolls for Jetsetter blog

Janell is a Halloween Queen from way back...12+ years of some creepy good Halloween designs has made her one of the most recognizable holiday collectible artist's around. Watching her work and seeing so many of her pieces in person made me foam at the mouth.

Janell halloween pcs jetsetter blog post

Due to her new position with D56, she will no longer be designing her Enesco pieces. If you have wanted an Enesco piece by her I suggest you make a quick dash online and search them out as what is out and about in the stores is what is left.

Here are just a few examples of the spooky spirited designs that Enesco has reproduced of Janell's work that are now in limited quantities..even Enesco does not have all of works. you will need to search online retailers. Collect away my dearies ;)

To reach Janell for possible Artist proofs or other art related goodies please visit:


  1. I am so tickled I have several of her Enesco pieces. I love her art and I can't wait to see what she does for Dept 56.

  2. Hey Kim! I too have a number of her Enesco pieces (not nearly enough ;) and need to get on the ball to grab the ones I cannot live without.
    I feel like an impatient little kid waiting for her D56 pieces to release. The whole process takes so long and I am afraid I will have to put my big girl pants on and wait ;(

  3. Very cool! There is SO much Halloween fever ... it is downright infectious!

  4. Lucky girl!!! Janell's work is wonderful and I'm anxious to see her new Dept 56 works. I can't even begin to imagine how busy she is and the wonders she is creating!! Glad you both had the time to make this happen!

  5. Infectious indeedy!! Oh yes, I was undoubtedly a lucky lucky girl and I fully know it ;) A definite highlight in my Halloween lovin life.


Rock on my Halloween loving friends, we are soo happy to see you!

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